Some people may not want therapy, but may be looking for a different space, with a more direct focus on personal growth and development.

Although self-development work is not therapy, it is therapeutic in nature as it increases self-awareness and encourages personal change.

We would define personal growth and development as a shift in self-perception and in how we respond to personal conflicts, with an aim on helping us achieve our personal aims to maximise our potential in life.

Personal growth can help us maximise and strengthen our potential to live a happier life, and have a happier sense of self, bringing more clarity and fulfillment.

What it can help with?

You may want to look specifically at particular blocks, difficulties and patterns you may be experiencing, and how they may create resistance and obstacles in you life.  

For example, you may find the same patterns repeating in particular areas of your life, such as relationships. You may want to make sense of why these patterns repeat and how to break them to make a shift.

When we are willing to consciously apply the wisdom we have gained through our life experiences, we can experience an inner shift and growth as human beings.