Adolescence is a time of enormous change when we move from childhood to adulthood, which can affect us on all levels – physically, emotionally, how we think and feel about ourselves and the world.

As a teenager dealing with issues that come up can be stressful, and you may feel misunderstood and alone, with life feeling more challenging to deal with.

The idea of asking for help can seem impossible, and some may feel under pressure to cope alone. Whilst this may appear to be a strength, actual strength comes from asking for help.

Talking to a therapist who is committed to understanding you and what you’re going through can help. We fully understand the importance of trust and feeling comfortable with a therapist, and we will not judge you or anything you talk about. Our time together is private and confidential.

How old do  i need to be? Adolescence is one of the most challenging Periods in our life trust

We can work with you from the age of 13. If you are 16+ you can refer yourself for therapy without the permission of an adult. However it is our policy that any adults responsible for you are made aware (for safety reasons) that you are in contact with us, whilst keeping any details of what you discuss confidential. This will be discussed with you when you contact us.

Our work with all our clients is confidential, which means everything that is discussed in the sessions stays between you and your therapist. However, we have a responsibility to inform your parent/guardian,  or an adult who protects children. If we are worried about you.

confidentiality: How we can help:

We are experienced in working with young people from different backgrounds and cultures,  both inside and outside of the education system, which gives us a deeper understanding of the struggles they face in a world,  which often misunderstands how tough life can be for them.

Some of our practitioners have worked in schools, and organisations such as ChildLine, The Place2Be and CAMHS (NHS Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services), which has enabled them to develop a deep respect for young people, and the insight they have into life.


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