Adolescence is one of the most challenging times in human development. It is a time of enormous change from childhood to adulthood with transitions that occur on all levels – biologically, psychologically, socially and cognitively.

Early resilience is tested during this time of development, and for some young people navigating through this period can make life feel more challenging.

This is a difficult time for many young people, but when combined with other significant risk factors, stresses and conflicts, it can deeply affect the way a young person feels about themselves and their life in significant ways. Sometimes young people avoid asking for help as they feel under pressure to appear ‘strong’.

Parents may be concerned about a range of issues affecting their child, which may be impacting their everyday level of functioning and emotional wellbeing.

Information for parents

You will need to contact us to book an initial consultation where we can meet to discuss your concerns, and the best course of action in how to move forward in supporting your child.

Our work with all our clients is confidential, which means everything that is discussed in the sessions stays between a young person and therapist. However, we have a responsibility to inform a parent,  or an adult who protects children if we have any safety conerns.

confidentiality: How we can help:

We are experienced in working with young people from different backgrounds and cultures,  both inside and outside of the education system, which gives us a deeper understanding of the struggles they face in a world,  which often misunderstands how tough life can be for them.

Some of our practitioners have worked in schools, and organisations such as ChildLine, The Place2Be and CAMHS (NHS Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services), which has enabled them to develop a deep respect for young people, and the insight they have into life.

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