Therapy can help parents to reflect on current dynamics and difficulties whilst processing, and making sense of their feelings regarding their own past.

We help you to explore and understand your child’s behaviour and emotional challenges, by helping you to develop greater self-awareness, insight, self-acceptance and understanding of yourself, and your relationship to your child.

As a parent begins to understand their own dynamics and make shifts, the child will mirror these back in your relationship. When a child senses their parent feeling more at peace and happier in themselves, they will inevitably also feel this in themselves.

Understanding your own childhood can help you build on your current healthy parenting skills, and to let go of what is ‘not yours’.

How we can help: communication:

Our children communicate how they feel and what they are experiencing, through their behaviour within the family and the school environment. They may create anxiety in us, to communicate that they are feeling anxious or unhappy, and that they need help with what is wrong. Children rely on parents for support in dealing with difficulties and conflicts that are occurring.

Parenting is one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences in life. However, we are not given a manual on how to parent, or understand the underlying issues during difficult times.

Parents often feel under pressure from society to be seen as able to cope, even when things feel difficult or distressing. This fear of being judged can often become a barrier in seeking the help that they need, and can make them feel more isolated.

It takes great strength, courage and personal insight to seek support, but this can be a turning point towards taking more control and feeling more confident.

There are a number of parenting courses available, which teach excellent strategies in how to better manage our children’s’ behaviours. These courses can be very useful in helping parents understand the importance of boundaries, and the way they manage the consequences of their children’s actions. Whilst strategies have an important part to play, they do not offer a reflective space to explore difficulties on a deeper and more meaningful level.

Find out more Understanding your Childhood & parenting style

To find out more about this work, please contact us and to arrange an initial consultation to explore current challenges. This work is suitable for parents for children of all ages.

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